L’Archivio di Monserrato | Defining Elegance Through the Means of Décor


Text by Maia Twombly

Photos by Alessandro Vasari

L’Archivio di Monserrato isn’t the average Roman store. On the contrary, it’s a unique two floored boutique located at Via di Monserrato 150, right off Campo dei Fiori.  

Photo by Alessandro Vasari

Filled with the most vibrant and rich colors, this store’s breathtaking design and alluring energy can leave a friendly visitor in complete awe.  

Once you step into L’archivio di Monserrato, you enter a new world. One filled with beauty and culture.

Within the walls of this 250 squared meter space we can as well assume, that we are travelling through the Turkish bazaar, or through the Indian markets.

L’Archivio di Monserrato is a life long journey that the founder, Soledad Twombly, takes us on.

The store represents the vast eclectic experiences she has encountered during her travels to the East and West.

Photo by Alessandro Vasari

Her contemporary fashion collection is surrounded by antique costumes and furniture from countries such as Uzbekistan, India and even China, aging to more than five hundred years ago.

Soledad Twombly has invented an idiosyncratic place where one can time travel through the today’s modern world into the ancient times within a matter of steps.

A 360 experience reflecting colors, textiles and design that fall in perfect balance together and go beyond the conventional.

Photo by Alessandro Vasari